Cosmic Identity

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Richa Sharma, Saurabh Raj


The identity is the most important element of the creation. The absence/ignorance/duality of identity creates a problem same way if we are entangled at a lower level of identity. The authors here explore the tools for eliminating this identity crisis. Spirituality, technological innovations and inventions, creativity, learning etc. can be few potential tools which have been mentioned and discussed here. Identity or ahankara (not ego), as per the Yogic philosophy is a vital part of our mental body Which if not understood properly can create serious problems (passions) like jealousy, anger, greed, illusion, sensation, intoxication, attachment (bandha or bondage as per Jain philosophy). This may lead to even more severe problem like war, terrorism etc. Further authors predict technological inventions and innovations like interplanetary / intergalactic travels, alien threats, celestial calamities etc.  playing a greater role leading to cosmic identity the ultimate destination.

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