Non-Shariah Compliant Income Sources, Treatment, And Its Impact On Customers Trust And Commitment of Pakistan Islamic Banks: A Qualitative Approach

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Muhammad Usman, Anwar Allah Pitchay, Eliza Nor, Ema Izati Zull Kepili, Munazza Zahra


Islamic banking is a contemporary concept in the modern world, finding many solutions to the problems of the modern economic system. Shari’ah law is the backbone of this system which the philosophy of the system is derived from the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Islamic banks offer Shari'ah-compliant products to Muslims which is an essential element to gain acceptance among Muslims and maintain the confidence of all stakeholders and the general public especially related to Halal products. This study used Atlas ti 9 a qualitative a software used to analyse the qualitative data to answer the three questions of the research related to non-shariah compliance income using a qualitative approach via six in-depth interviews from top management and shariah scholars. The findings of qualitative phenomena revealed 18 sources of non-shariah complaint income, besides there was a difference of opinion among Shariah scholars and top management regarding the disclosure of sources of non-shariah compliant income to the customers.

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