High Strength Concrete with Pond-Ash as Partially Replaced by Fine Aggregate and Fine Fly-Ash, Alccofine as Cement

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Nilesh R. Parmar , Vikunj K. Tilva, Sunil V. Jaganiya, Pritesh R. Rathod


India is a fast developing country with a large requirement of power for industrial sectors and households. Every year this power requirement gets higher and higher and 75% of this power is generated from thermal sources. Coal is the primary ingredient for this thermal power generation and 90% of power is generated using coal. Although the quality of coal in India is not the same in every area, some are of low quality with 35 per cent ash material. Every year more than 100 million of MT coal ash is generated while burning up this coal and it is predicted that 170 million MT by 2012. Now to avoid generating this bulk amount of ash production researchers are looking into pond ash for its fine particles and Pozzolanic properties. Researchers have proposed to use alccofine and fine fly ash as a substitute of cement and pond fly ash. In mix, cement will be replaced by alccofine 4% and fine fly ash by 26% and pond fly ash will be varied by 10%, 20% and 30% according to the M60 mixture. 7, 28, 56 and 90 days of readings will be recordedand tested for mechanical properties, cube compressive strength, Flexural strength and compacting factor.On these different mixes. Eco friendly high strength concrete development is the aim of this project.

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