Privacy Preservation Of Mobile Users Using L-Diversity

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R.Srikanth, Dr.Y. Rama Devi, B. Nandana


Due to the increased availability of locality-based cyber services in mobile applications seclusion protection for users is critical and stands one of the major difficulties of study. The aim of the paper is to propose algorithm to maintain the privacy position of mobile device users on location based cyber services in a region of concern algorithm based on division Privacy Position of Mobile Users on Cyber Services (PPCS). In contrast to existing draw breath methods, our PPCS methodology is dumb places and the semantically information of these places is taken into account. The PPCS algorithm allows the locations created to exclude or decrease exposure to the actual location of a user. We show that PPCS is impervious to conniving and inferential abuse. We also examine the effectiveness of our proposed approach and demonstrate the usefulness of comprehensive simulations.

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