Analysis of HRD Research, and Practices for Employee Engagement in COVID-19 Pandemic

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Riya Ghosh


In the current covid-19 pandemic situation it is of utmost importance that human resources in organizations worldwide are managed efficiently with innovative and appropriate employee engagement programs which are designed specifically for organizations to meet the needs of their working professionals. This paper is a review paper that is primarily based on secondary data collected from various resources such as articles, research papers published, newspapers, blogs, and other valuable, and insightful, relevant online sources. One of the most important sources of information taken in this paper is reports from the World health organization. The paper dives deep into various employee engagement methods developed and used by companies across the world for building an optimum and balanced work-life balance among their employees. Work from home should not be considered working 24 hours a day. Although productivity has to be maintained and ways are to be identified to increase optimum productivity in a specific period, third comes the importance of employee engagement which will make the working professionals feel valued and add value to their life. Research has shown that balanced work from home and organized employee engagement events are highly beneficial to both the company and the employee. It not only increases the morale of the working professionals and keeps them interested it is also a major factor motivating them to get through the difficult time of the covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people are badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and a huge majority of them are working professionals, this sights the importance of a robust employee engagement plan, which will help these people deal with their life situations better.

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