Does the extrinsic Motivation consider the only purpose for Real Estate Agents in the United Arab Emiratis? : The Groundwork for Success in the Current Market Situation

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Hosam Azat Elsaman, Geraldine Calaunan, Liza Gernal


The purpose of the study was to find how intrinsic and extrinsic motivation affects job performance of agents working in the real estate property buying and selling in the UAE giving consideration on cultural diversity of the country and the aftereffect of the global financial crisis in 2008 to its economy. Although there are a multitude of studies focused on the self-determination theory (SDT) which highlights the dichotomous relationship of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, there are still no study about s working on the real estate industry as agents in the UAE. Further review of related literatures, the outcome of these motivations can depend on cultural factors because of the environment and upbringing of an individual that affects its values. From the result of the study however, cultural background did not signify a huge difference on the agents preferred job performance motivators. The outcome of the study leans towards the same level of both motivations, though an agent would prefer money if presented with specific choices on the type of motivation the need for intrinsic factors comes 2nd and 3rd on his daily motivation ranking. It is a new perspective that real estate brokerage firms should consider including in its management strategy.


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