A Study on the Effect of SNS Advertisement on Purchase Behaviour of Consumers

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Sambit Sarkar


Today’s digital world is changing business parameters as well where ensuring positive purchasing decisions of customers is essential. In India, while the financial crisis is affecting business scenarios, this study has aimed to show how Social Networking Services (SNS) is helping in advertising and hence, attracting customers for better business growth. The significance of this chosen topic has been maintained in every phase of discussion by providing maximum relevant data from authentic resources. The use of social networking sites in the field of advertising has improved the market structure and business strategies of various organizations and also influenced the purchasing behaviour of the people. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the concept of SNS in the present market situation and how it influences the behaviour of the consumer. Along with that this study also prevail certain advantages and disadvantages related to it. For collecting the facts relevant data collection tools are also used in the research process to make the study comprehensive and reliable. The advertisement on the social media platforms makes a process of step for the purchase of product. These steps make the purchasing behaviour easy and convenient for the customers.

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