Non-Catholic Lasallians’ Experiences in Living Out the Lasallian Values

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Gladiolus M. Gatdula PhD, Mariano Thomas Ramirez, EdDb, Marnon L. Regis, PhD, Jose Domingo Jr., EdD, Rowel San Sebastian, PhD, Clark Dominic Alipasa, MAT


Not all Lasallians are Catholics. Moreover, those who belong to different religious denominations share their experiences why religion should not be a cause for misunderstanding, but instead it is a venue for them to feel and experience the power and beauty of interfaith dialogue that a Catholic university like La Salle represents.This study examined the lived experiences of non-Catholic Lasallians in living out the Lasallian values of faith, service, and communion in mission.  Since it is a phenomenological study, it derived from the lived experiences of six (6) co- researchers who were chosen from DLSU Dasmariñas; 3 undergrad students, 1 graduate school student, 1 faculty, 1 staff. The Lasallian Philosophy of Education guided the study to extract the meaning of phenomenon. The study presented first thematic reflections as fruits of significant stories, experiences, thoughts, description and the second thematic reflections are the five themes that emerged from individual structural descriptions. An eidetic insight with three postulates such as prayer in understanding one’s religion, integration of faith and service and unity in diversity  serve as open- ended conclusion of the study. The Christian education and the Lasallian formation the non-Catholics receive can be the most systematic approaches to concretize the Lasallian spirituality and mission in living out the Lasallian core values.

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