The Impact of Employees’ Personality on the Organizational Performance: Studying the Five Dimensions of Personality

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Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere , Ajay Poddar , Shobhna Poddar , Vinod B Patel , Prasuna Kuragayala , M. Kalyan Chakravarthi , R. Regin , S. Suman Rajest


Generally, people are developed with distinctive characteristics that afterwards determines the personality type; such as the methods an individual behave or respond to their circumstances. The personality features in the workplace are vital to reach corporate goals and increase overall performance. It is not merely in term of profit but also productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness across the whole firm. Even if numerous aspects exist, that is vital for companies to thrive; the essential influence of workers should not be forgotten. The research implemented quantitative methodology to study the effect of the five personality traits on the performance of employees over a sample of 100 employees. The findings stated that employee’s personality is the key source to make this impact. Certainly, personality features of the employees’ have important impact. Employees’ work performance will affect the impact of the organization. Job performance also assures the company is implemented successfully and it comprises of the knowledge and abilities that able to guide the personnel to accomplish diversity of tasks. In this circumstance, the major goal of the research is to analyze the link between the personality qualities of workers and organization performance


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