Influence of Fintech Payment Techniques on Performance of Investment Firms in Kenya

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Elizabeth Ndichu Gitonga , Peter Wang’ombe Kariuki , Samuel Nduati Kariuki


Fintech services which entail the new applications, processes, products or business models have disrupted the traditional finance system by providing faster, secure and reliable methods of doing business. However, the problem of double payment, slowed operations, obscured integrity and inefficiency characterizes most investment firms. The fintech payment technique include peer-to-peer payment model, digital currency supported through block chain technology and mobile wallet. This paper sought to establish the influence of fintech payment techniques on performance of investment firms in Kenya. The study population was 57 investment firms. The study employed mixed method research design by incorporating descriptive and explanatory research designs. Data was collected using questionnaires and an in-depth interview guide. Coefficient of mobile wallet payment system is enhancing business growth, payment services directive (PSD) is making firm payments safer and faster, Fintech is making payment services secure and reliable and Block chain technologies is helping in minimizing cases of double payment in the firm have a positive and significant effect on performance of investment firms. A conclusion is also made that fintech has revolutionized payment services and that fintech payment techniques influences performance of investment firms in Kenya. The study recommends for the expansion of fintech payment services to other investment firms. The payment systems supported by blockchain technologies are guaranteed of security and reliability. The payment methods are safe, secure and faster, however, most investment firms still rely on traditional payment methods in entirety. Traditional methods of payment are slow and at times prone to errors and fraud.


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