Exploring Marketing Strategy and Current Situation of Live Streaming Ecommerce in China: A Case Study of a Live Streamer

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Kexin Zhaoa, Teo Poh Chuinb, Jiawei Huangc, Jiale Zhangd, Yueqin Liue


with the rapid development of the live streaming industry in China, live streaming E-commerce is a new form of business in the new media era. The reason for the remarkable results is inseparable from the live streamers and their teams’ efforts. With the rise of a large number of live streaming platforms, the scale of live streaming groups is continuing to expand. While its rapid expansion has brought huge economic benefits, the live streaming industry is also facing much chaos caused by uneven quality and lack of supervision. Related issues such as traffic fraud and difficulty in safeguarding rights have also emerged endlessly, damaging and affecting consumers' legitimate rights and consumption experience. The purposes of this paper are to explore the live streamer's marketing strategies through live streaming E-commerce in China, analyze the problems of "Internet celebrity" through live streaming, and try to put forward corresponding suggestions for sustainable development combined with the characteristics of current e-commerce live streaming situation. This study adopts descriptive and explanatory research design and adopts the case analysis method takes Streamer Xin Youzhi as the research object. The empirical data collection mainly adopts the methods of existing data and online observation. The research results and findings will provide meaningful insights for the future development of live streaming E-commerce.

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