Environmental and Social Performance towards Innovative Green Furniture Marketing Strategy in Bangkok Metropolis

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Ling Chen, Dr. Prin Laksitamas


Thailand, as a country with abundant forest resources and one of the major timber export country in South Asia region is worth the attention to further investigate on environmental and social performance in green furniture industry. Thailand’s Bangkok capital as central city will be our research target in this study. The purpose of this research is to investigate current market situation of green furniture in terms of environmental and social performance, propose some green strategies which pushed by market factor and stakeholder pressure, and these green marketing strategies have impact on social and environmental performance. Using a confirmatory documentary qualitative analyses research method, this study reviewed some comprehensive literatures and found that green material, green product and Eco-design, green price, green service and green brand image have a significant impact on environmental and social performance. It was suggested that an innovative green strategy can be adopted to developed country, since consumers in these countries usually with high awareness on environmental protection and physical health, and relatively with strong purchasing power. For developing countries, Thailand, some consumers have high awareness on environmental and health and with high purchasing power, while others are price sensitive and willing to sacrifice the green attributes for lower price. Thus, a mix of innovative green and non-green strategies were suggested to implement in the country. Social performance is an important influencing factor when making marketing decisions and it can create a good green brand image to differentiate the product as well.

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