Invincible Religion And Religiousness Of Filipino And Foreign University Students

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Emejidio C. Gepila Jr., Daizylyn C. Palillo, Nigel Rovick F. Paden, Brix Joshua Guillermo


A study was conducted to a total of 200 students, 100 Filipino students from the different provinces of the Philippines and 100 Foreigner students, both of which are studying around the University belt in Manila, Philippines. Weighted Mean was utilized to analyze the data that was gathered through the use of Online Survey Questionnaires. The results found clearly states that, for the Filipino respondents, they are feeling God every day or in most times of their lives. Religion, hence, contributes to their life satisfaction as they find strength in their religiosity. However, the students tend to be more neutral when it comes to their beliefs with the reason of adapting to the diverse and new environment. Results for the Foreigner respondents on the other hand, states that there were participants who scored high in religion, whereas some scored low. Nevertheless, this does not imply that they possess a high or low level of faith. Rather, it is in the matter of the variety of culture they grew up in.

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