Lol: Analysis Of Word-Formation Processes And Word-Classes Of Filipino Gamers/Students

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Emejidio C. Gepila Jr, Stevein M. Molina, Marissa L. Mayrena, Edelyn M. Mariano, Charito A. Tamayo


Purpose: This study explored: (1) the most common word-formation processes in the creation of League of Legends neologisms, (2) the most common word-class among them, and (3) the effect of these neologisms in the current status of word formation based on the needs of the LOL players.

Design: This used descriptive method under the mixed-method approach. Specifically, an explanatory-sequential method was utilized wherein the first phase of data gathering procedure was quantitative followed by the qualitative data collection. Also, this study utilized the transcription method of data gathering wherein the researchers gathered screenshots on the actual real-time conversation of the respondents.

Findings: The findings of study reveal that the most common word-formation process upon the creation of the neologisms is the semantic extension and the most common word-class among the neologisms is the noun. The present undertaking also disclosed through coding the impact of the environment of the gamers upon the creation of these newly formed words.

Originality/Value: The study in general provides an unexplored or untapped possibility on how the youth of today form new words accidentally and use it with in a specific environment that they only enjoy.

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