The Characteristics of Indonesia Second-semester Final Test for Eighth-grade Students

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Suwarto Suwarto


This study aims to: (1) describe the item difficulty, (2) describe the item discrimination, (3) describe an alternative, and (4) know the reliability of the test. The population is 126 answer sheets. The 60 samples are taken randomly. Data collection used is interviews and documentary. Data is analyzed by using the Iteman version 3.00 program. The study’s result showed: (1) The item difficulty ranges from 0.150 to 1.000. (2) The item discrimination ranges from -9.000 to 1.000. (3) The answer key is well. The test has 38.33% effective distractor s and 61.67% ineffective distractors, and (4) The test’s reliability is 0.531.

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