Design of DGS Printed Antenna for Surface Ship Radar Applications

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Dr. Samiran Chatterjee, Dr. Yerram Srinivas, Koushik Pal, J. Sunilkumar


In this paper proposed dual layer single coaxial feeding DGS printed antenna by cutting some slots from the patch and adding some slits with the patch. It is the very easiest design to achieve our desired application for which it is designed. We compare the proposed antenna with the conventional design and the proposed structure gives a 49.82% size reduction with compare to the conventional antenna. In this paper we analyze the gain, bandwidth, return loss for the desired proposed structure. The proposed structure designed with the help of IE3D electromagnetic solver which uses the Method of Moment (MoM) based analysis. The proposed structure simulated results are verified by a measurement which is carried out by VNA network analyzer. In this paper, proposed design achieved multiple resonant frequencies and they are applicable for different microwave band applications. As per the concern of 1st resonant frequencies, the proposed structure applicable for surface ship radar applications.

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