A Systematic Review of Academic Research Work on Different Dimensions of FinTech

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Sagar Suresh Gupta, Dr. Jayant Mahajan


The term FinTech has been coined by combining two words Finance and Technology. It has gained significant importance and a new area of study for researchers. FinTech includes sub-domains such as Crowdfunding, RegTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, Mobile Wallets, Cyber Security, and similar services.

Increasing the adoption of technology has led to a considerable impact on the financial industry. Enhanced connectivity and computing power to the end-users are supported by continuous change and upgrading the financial sector. New business models have evolved over the last decade, as technology has disrupted how traditional financial institutions work.

In this paper, different dimensions of 'FinTech' as an industry have been reviewed from a research perspective. This paper explains the FinTech-TechFin Matrix that serves as the conceptual base in this review process.  Research gaps and new research areas are highlighted in this research.

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