Study of the Entrepreneurial Profession in emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China-BRIC Nations).

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Dr. Alka Singh, Manoj Kumar Bhatt


This paper will explain about the entrepreneurial profession in different BRIC nations, there development and the practices. BRICs nations’ full form is Brazil, Russia, India & China which are known as emerging economies of east as G7 is of west. Emerging economies growth based on technologies and entrepreneurship education to students during their academic years. Developed countries have more growth than others due to they are focusing on important factors which has been discussed in the literature. Countries have different practices for the development of entrepreneurship. Different Nations have different mindset for the entrepreneurship training and development. Few nation imparting entrepreneurship training during schooling of the child few take it during college times of the students. Mostly youths are interested to start and grow their business during the academics days which becomes important factor of discussion in this paper. As we know BRIC nation’s plays a vital role in world economy where as the entrepreneurial practices in these nations plays the vital role in the Entrepreneurship development. Top 2 most populous countries are coming in the BRIC nations so the land and labor study is also equally important. Pros & cons of all the factors are the main focus of the study. It is finding and discussed in this study that the primary and higher education of entrepreneurship is most important for higher pace of growth for the startup entrepreneurs.

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