Prosocial Behavior And Rejection Sensitivity: The Differential Effects Of Gender Among Indian Expatriates In U.A.E.

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Wilson Zacharia Alexander, Amiya Bhaumik, Srinivasakumar K.P, Vincent Elsy Wilson, Archana Chandran


The study is intended to investigate the gender difference on Prosocial behavior and Rejection sensitivity of Indian expatriates in U.A.E. The sample of 202 expatriates from U.A.E was collected through simple random sampling method. The instruments administered were Prosocial Personality Battery (Penner, Fritzsche, Craiger & Freifeld, 1995), Rejection Sensitivity RS-Adult questionnaire (A-RSQ), (Berenson,, 2009) and Personal data schedule. The data obtained was subjected to SPSS analysis and t-test was carried out. Significant differences revealed between male and female participants on the basis of empathic concern dimension only. Empathetic concern, being the motivation behind an individual’s efforts to reduce the suffering of another, its gender influence would be of great significance to explore various kinds of intervention modules according based on gender to increase Prosocial behaviour on the basis of other psychosocial variables other than Rejection sensitivity among the expatriate population.

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