Racial Deviancy in the Select Novels of Toni Morrison

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Mr. Kamal Subedi, Mr. Saurav Rauniyar, Mr. Kismat Khatri, Mr. G.Anburaj, Dr. T. Mangayarkarasi,


People in the past have been the victims of racial deviancy based on their colour or caste. It may be said that people's mind set has been changed with time but still we see instances where people are discriminated based on their appearance or colour. To say, we have modernized and have become educated enough to treat everyone equally irrespective of their gender, colour, culture, faith or caste, instead it is still seen advertisements which indirectly relate our appearance, race, religion, nationality, culture and complexion, somehow happen to support the statement that some skin colour or race is superior than other.  Though we are in the 21st era where everyone claim to be respectful of everyone irrespective of their race or colour but still many people have to face discrimination based on their race be at workplace or some gathering. The background of the story is set after the end of the American civil war. It tells you about a story of a family living in Cincinnati who were once slaves, and the reason that they were slaves was that they were afro-americans. The best reason for the American Civil War was that the North America wanted to curb this practice of slavery by the black people and the South America was against it. As a matter of fact North America people and their ideology won but that does not mean that people have changed their thinking and mind set about it and are free from prejudice. This research analysis aims to elucidate and elaborate the meaning of racial deviancy and it’s consequences. This research paper is aimed to elucidate the term racial deviance and how people of different languages communities and different backgrounds are affected due to this. This study aims to explain the true meaning of racial divisions through a best selling novel written by Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”. The Novel beloved was written by the famous American writer Toni Morrison in 1987.  She had won the Nobel prize for Literature. This book also received the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1988 and Anisfield - wolf book award in 1988 and has been appreciated worldwide because of the way it has beautifully explained and interpreted the concept of racial deviance throughout this novel. 

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