Is Burpee Test Measure of Whole-Body Muscular Strength Endurance?

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Ms. Sujit Verma, Dr. Simrat Kaur


Introduction -The muscular strength endurance (MSE) is important physical trait that plays decisive role in sports performance. The Burpee Test specifically 3-minute Burpee Test (3MBT) has been extensively used to assess the muscular strength endurance in the past. For the best of our knowledge no attempt has been made to assess its validity by associating it with forearm plank (FP) (upper body) and vertical jump (VJ) (lower body) muscular strength assessment tools. The present study is an attempt in this direction.

Objective – To validate the ability of 3-minute Burpee test to measure the whole-body strength endurance by correlating it with FP and VJ. And assessing the predicative ability of forearm plank and vertical jump to predict the Burpee jump.

Material and Methods – 52 physically healthy university students (44 male and 8 female, mean age 19.62 years) who were engaged in sports training for last 3 months participated. They were tested on three tests successively for 3 days. 3MBT was correlated with FP and VJ.

Statistical Analysis – Pearson ‘r’ correlation and multiple regression were used to assess the degree and direction of association and predictive capacity of the variables.

Results – The results indicate strong, positive and significant correlation of 3MBT with FP and VJ. And high predictive ability of FP and VJ.

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