The Impact Of Work From Home On Faculties Work Life Balance

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S. Parameshwari@Shobana, V.Alagiyanayaki, R.Elakkiya, Dr.V.Jaisudhadevi


The Global pandemic has changed the way we work, every one faces various challenges regarding work -family balance due to societal, cultural, family and gender norms. This research paper addresses the impact of work from home on faculties work life balance. To find out the work life balance of teaching faculties samples were collected from 125 faculties who working at various colleges in southern districts. The convenient sampling method was adopted for this research. In this paper SWOT analysis was done. The statistical tools of Percentage, weighted average, correlation were used to for analysis. Increased house hold work is the major factor that affects the faculties work life balance during work from home. Transportation cost and spending more time with family and their children are the major benefits for the Faculties during work from home. Year of experience and benefits during work from home is positively correlated with each other. Work life balance and location independence is the strength of working from home during this pandemic situation. Faculties who can put equal importance on well-being are undoubtedly happier and more satisfied and this will reflect on their performance and behavior.

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