“Effect of internal factors on impulsive buying decision for cosmetic products in Pune region”

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Manish Gadpayale, Dr. Rajendra Bhadale, Dr Prashant M Kotasthane


Everyone in this world aspires to be called as beautiful. This increasing aspiration is acting as a gold mine for the overall cosmetic industry.  But usually, in majority of the purchases decision-making occasions, FMCG consumers hardly keep the adequate amount of exploration of information as they do not feel the need for extensive effort.

Impulsive buying behaviour can be seen as an accidental behaviour typically when it is associated to emotional aspects while actual buying. The desire to purchase on impulse is hedonically complex and largely encourages emotional conflict.

Different attributes of impulsive buying are required to be marked in order to recognize the impulsive buying behaviour for cosmetics. Only a few important intrinsic factors have been selected in the current study.

This paper discusses the framework intended to examine the impact of intrinsic factors on impulsive buying tendencies.      There are seven intrinsic factors and one output variable studied in this framework.

The study provides an  insight to the enhancement of efforts in terms of promotion and distribution  resorted to by various cosmetics marketing companies  and the  effectiveness of the respective efforts. 

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