Text mining a high accuracy tool for Stock Market Prediction: A Critical Review

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Shikha Verma, Nikita Singla, Punam Rattan


Many researchers are now paying a lot of attention towards the predictability of the online text using text mining techniques and combining it with classical data mining of stock market numeric data to increase the accuracy in the prediction systems. Therefore, the current review have analyzed literature on text mining. The review has analyzed the literature, taking in consideration the generic model of text mining so as to evaluate the gaps and to suggest possible research recommendations on the same. The review systematizes a extensive description of literature that facilitates the compilation of research activities for various steps in the suggested generic model of market prediction based on text mining; provides an insight about various lacunas and problems in this aspect so as to build a pipeline for future researchers and lastly gives interdisciplinary and directional suggestions for amelioration of research in this field. The review is thus believed to be holistic as it provides a unique, comprehensive, versatile and multifaceted point of view about on text mining mediated stock market prediction.

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