The Level of Inclusion of Moral Values in the Music Education Curriculum for the First Three Grades in Jordanian Schools

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Subhi Ibrahim Sharqawi, Mohammad Yousef Hammad, Ibrahim mohammad harafsheh


This research aims to identify the level of inclusion of moral values in the music education curriculum for the first three grades in Jordanian schools. Music and songs have a profound impact on inculcating these positive values ​​and their reflection on the behavior of students when they communicate with each other, and with people around them. This is in light of the evident shifts in the behavior of individuals and societies as a result of the overall development and change taking place at all levels of life in the era of globalization and digital development; which have affected the behavior of the individual and the group when communicating with people around them. It should be noted here, that since more than twenty years these curricula have not been developed to keep pace with the developments of the era and its terminology.

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