Hybrid Controller and DSTATCOM with Hybrid Technique Optimized and Integrated the Hybrid Power Generating System

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Pawan Kumar Pandey , Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu , Chandan Kumar


In order to solve both issues of the fluctuation in power and quality of power in the grid connected hybrid power generating system, a novel topology-based hybrid controller designed in the system where Robust phase-locked loop (PLL) based hybrid VSC controller to adjust the DC-link voltage and AC side current in the hybrid power generating (HPG) system and another side Distribution Static Compensator (D-STATCOM)device with a hybrid technique has been utilized to improve power quality (PQ) of grid connected HPG system. The hybrid technique is a combination of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Cuckoo search (CS) algorithm. For analysis of the performance of the proposed controller shown in the two stages, in the first stage, the PLL-based hybrid voltage source converter (VSC) controller is designed to mitigating power fluctuation at DC-link by applied a battery energy storage system (BESS) on the DC side. In the second stage, the PQ issues like sag, swell and interruption analyzed and reduced the harmonic distortion. Finally proposed hybrid system has been modeled in MATLAB/Simulink and the simulation results as obtained are compared with an existing controller.

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