Facial Recognition Based Attendance System

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Shahid Eqbal, Abhinav Verma , Anjali Mehta , Aditi Karsouliya


The face is the key feature of identification of a person. And there are so many methods to exploit the system. This paper solely aims on the Face Recognition technique to maintain the authenticity of the person. In facial recognition we verify any person by their face. It captures the data and then analyzes and co relate person’s facial aspects. Face recognition is in trend nowadays because of the availability of feasible technologies after years of research. In these times this system is treated as the most anticipated of all biometric systems. We recognize ourselves not by our fingerprints or eye but by looking at our face. Considering all the above mentioned points andtheir implications we've tried to realize some experience with some of the commonly available face recognition algorithms and make our Facial attendance system more effective.

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