ANFIS Based Back of Transmission for WSN in enhancing the performance and Network Lifetime

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M Janardhan, Prof S Pallam Shetty, Prof PVGD Prasad Reddy


The Digital world is stacking up with smart objects, indefinitely embedded with sensing objects. Sensing objects are resource constrained devices with limited energy, less bandwidth and less computational capabilities which needs to connect among themselves using WPAN/WLAN. WLAN/WPAN are low data rate networks uses IEEE 802.15.4 protocol for optimum energy utilization. Buffer Size, Beacon Interval and Back of Transmission are essential factors for energy and delay minimization in a network implementing IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. This paper articulates the implementation of ANFIS based Back of transmission in IEEE 802.15.4 for energy minimization and optimization of network life expectancy. This technique makes use of existing Fuzzy Inference System. Experimental results obtained from Cooja Simulator using MATLAB specifies power and delay decreased by 11.51% and 12.87% respectively, PDR increased by 1.51%

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