Cultural Pollution among Students of History Departments in the Colleges of Education in Iraqi Universities from the Point Of View of Academic Staff

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Prof. Dr. Oras Hshem Al-Jubouri


The current research aims to identify the cultural pollution among the students of the history departments in the Iraqi colleges of education from the point of view of the college members, to achieve the objectives of the research, the descriptive approach was used, and a scale for the cultural pollution variable was built, this was done by relying on the theoretical framework, and the scale in its final form, after completing the conditions of validity, stability, and discriminating power, consisted of (27) items, the researcher applied the two scales to a sample of (112) male and female teachers in the universities of the Middle Euphrates for the academic year (2020-2021), then the data was analyzed using the statistical packages for social sciences (spss), the results showed that the students of the Department of History from the point of view of the college members have a high level of cultural pollution, and based on these results, the researchers presented a number of appropriate recommendations and suggestions.

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