Covid 19: A Study of Its Impact on Various Fields of Life Generating New Laws and Rules in India

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Manoj Kumar Sadual


The whole planet is facing a pandemic that has never existed or been talked of before. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Corona Virus will experience multiple confusion worldwide. The lethal virus originating in China travelled blinkered through the world and killed the world. Since the death count is rising at an unprecedented pace, fear in the general population is also increasing such that Government around the world will cope quite difficultly. As we have no antidote to treat COVID-19, it is well-known that only steps should be taken, as suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to keep away. When cases began to grow again in India, the Indian Government attempted the first virus card to battle by declaring a one-day, strictly adherent Janta Curfew on 22 March 2020. Following the Janta Curfew, the Central Government declared a 21-day lockdown throughout the country to combat the corona virus. This study is an analytical discussion on the laws imposed or changed due to COVID19.

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