Analysis of Lecturers’ and Students’Need toward Public Speaking Assessment Model with Sandwich Feedback Method

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Pipit Rahayu , Yenni Rozimela , Jufrizal


Feedback had also been considered as one of the very important pedagogical practices from educational perspectives. This study is descriptive qualitative. The participants of the study were the Sixth Semester Students of the English department of the University of Pasir Pengaraian (UPP). The instruments of collecting data are observation, interview, and documentation. This study uses descriptive analysis including the data and information analyzed using theoretical review and described the facts systematically. The Need analysis by Hutchinson and Water Model was used in terms of gathering the students’ and lecturers’ needs in public speaking assessment.  The result of the study is students’ and lecturers’ need is necessary for teaching and learning Public Speaking skill and also consider the curriculum demand, besides it was found that the Sandwich feedback is a new method for improving students’ public speaking skill, since it has a compliment, critic and compliant in the process of feedback.

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