Research on Decentralized Trusted Data Sharing Technology Based on Blockchain

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Jeffrey S. Ingosan, Dionisio R. Tandingan Jr., Zhu Yuliang, Jamil Krystyan Beset


In the current information age, having more data means having more information. However, the complete sharing of data will increase the possibility of criminals using relevant data to commit crimes. With the development of cloud computing technology, data sharing can be realized based on the cloud, and the shared data can be stored in the data center. However, this will not ensure the security and privacy of the shared data, and there are security risks such as tampering and counterfeiting of the shared data. The decentralization of the blockchain and the non-tamperable characteristics of the data on the block can safely save data-sharing records without the need for a trusted third party. The paper will discuss the decentralized trusted data sharing technology based on blockchain to enhance the credibility of data sharing.

This paper will use the characteristics of the decentralized trust management of the blockchain to study the decentralized solution of trusted data sharing. Aiming at the storage problem of shared data, the block structure of shared data oriented to the blockchain is proposed, and the design is based on the blockchain, and the information of the shared data is stored in the blockchain; in response to the data access request and service problem in data sharing, a block chain-based, decentralized data sharing mechanism is proposed; usingsmart contracts can adopt data variables as parameters to transfer and store the characteristics.Design a decentralized, trusted data sharing smart contract, form a blockchain-based data sharing prototype system, and finally simulate the real on the Ethereum open source platform Scenes.

The data sharing system based on blockchain was simulated and run on the Ethereum blockchain platform, and the data sharing function test was carried out. Experiments have shown that the blockchain-based data sharing technology solution in a decentralized application environment and distributed storage of data to protect data security, to a certain extent, enhance the credibility of data sharing.

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