Big Five Personality Traits and Investment Decision

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Dr. Mahammadrafique U. Meman, Purnima M. Chouhan


Every individual human being is unique in this world. This distinctiveness of human beings is determined by their personality. Personality is identified of each individual by their decision-making style, their attitude and cognition. All these factors are influenced by both psychological and psychographic factors. The aim of the present article is to examine the impact of the big five personality traits on investor’s investment decisions. And to analyze the relationship between personality traits and investment decisions. Data has been collected from the 100 individual retail investors of the south Gujarat region. For analyzing the data factor analysis, regression analysis and Karl Pearson Co-relation statistical methods have been used. Further, the finding of the study it is revealed that personality traits having some impact on the investment decision in Mutual Fund among the selected region. The result of this study it is revealed that Extraversion and Openness to Experience traits of personality are having positively related with the risk taking factor and Neuroticism traits of Personality are having positively correlated with risk averse

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