Efficacy of Family Communication Pattern on Communicative Competence among Secondary School Students: An Explorative Study

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Vijaykumar R, Debani Deb, Thamizhiniyan K


Family is an integral part, which has an exclusive control on the child’s communication and it is the first place where the communication begins and continues till mastery. This study aims to analyze the influence of family communication patterns on the Communicative Competence of secondary school students. Family communication pattern involves more liberal conversation, sharing of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, respecting and valuing of even a child's opinion for any family-oriented decisions, significantly influence children's linguistic competence in a language other than the mother tongue. The data for this quantitative study has been analyzed for both descriptive and differential statistics and the results reveal that the language spoken at home does not have any effect on family communication but it has a significant effect on communication. Moreover, interview results reveal that communication patterns significantly influenced student's personal and professional development.

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