Overview of Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Systems and New Strategies

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Prof. Dr. Fuat Bayram


Integrated Labor Inspection Systems (ILIS) are most essential in terms of risk related to (aids, mental illness, migrant workers and child labor) due to without work-life balance, globalization and the race of economy growth. Therefore, this study purpose is to enlighten the influencing factors, such as job inspection, inspection procedures, practices and technical development implementation. This study suggested that utilization of existing resources, can provide better services and to increase supervisors in workplaces. Likewise, cooperation between employers and trade unions is necessary. The main actors here are the employers, the trade unions, and other social parties.  These groups should develop a tripartite structure in the field of occupational health and safety. Finally, this study is beneficial for strategy formulation to carry over to labor inspectors, control organizations, occupational health and safety workplace boards and worker representatives.


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