Parents' participation in school and its impact on students' self-perception

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Younis Fareed Abu Alhaija, Yousef Methkal Abd Algani


This research examines the extent to which parents' school participation affects the students' self-perception level. Numerous studies have proven that the school participation of parents contributes to improving academic achievement, developing intellectual skills, enhancing motivation to learn, and raising the level of students' self-perception. The research relied on the quantitative and qualitative methodology, and the research sample consisted of (120) parents of primary school students (sixth grades) in the Palestinian Arab community in Israel. The two researchers used a form containing phrases related to the research subject to collect data about the self-perception of primary school students. In addition, interviews were conducted with 20 mixed parents regarding generation, gender, and educational level. The research results indicated a direct and positive relationship between the attitude of the school staff and the administration towards the process of parental participation and between the degree and level of parental school participation. In addition, the results of the research showed a positive relationship between parents' school participation and the high level of students' self-perception. The research results also indicated no relationship between the degree of education of the students' parents and the degree and level of participation in the school.


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