Efficient Trust Based Schemes for Quality of Service in MANET

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K. Divya , Dr. B. Srinivasan


 Security is another crucial aspect of providing QoS since the existence of malicious nodes present all kinds of threats to MANETs. Although a number of mechanisms have been proposed for protecting MANETs, most of the solutions are only effective for a particular kind of attacks or provide security at the cost of sacrificing QoS. In this paper, we propose a trust-based secure QoS routing scheme by combining social and QoS trust. The primary approach of the proposed scheme relies on mitigating nodes that exhibit various packet forwarding misbehavior and on discovering the path that ensures reliable communication through the trust mechanism. The scheme would select the best forwarding node based on packet forwarding behavior as well as capability in terms of QoS parameters, such as residual energy, channel quality, link quality, etc. Simulation experiment using Network Simulator-2 (NS2) and under various network conditions show that mixing social and QoS trust parameters can greatly improve security and quality of service routing in terms of overhead, packet delivery ratio and energy consumption.

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