Decriminalisation of Suicide in India: An Overview

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Dr. Yogender Singh


Now a days, we are frequently listening suicidal cases because of the fear of Covid-19 even an educated rather Corona warriors also reported for attempted to commit suicide. The trauma of being diagnosed with Covid-19 is also leading people to free from hospital quarantine centres and attempt to commit suicide. No doubt the life is the beautiful gift from almighty and can be taken only by him. Hence the act of committing suicide or in simple words, taking away life and that too one’s own, is always been prohibited by law and religion both. Since ancient time the topic of suicide has been an issue of regular debate and never-ending discussion. Religion, monarchy and even colonialism all outlawed the act of suicide. The attempt to commit suicide has always seen as a manifestation of a mental illness, deserving cure and care, instead of punishment. The people with suicidal tendencies deserve counselling not punishment. In this paper the researcher attempts to explain the concept of suicide its causes, Laws related to suicide and at the end suggests some valuable suggestions.

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