Folk Culture and Folk Songs of South Assam: On the Special Reference of Goalpara

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Jayeeta Boro


The area of folk culture is now vast. Folk culture has been associated with the development of human civilization for ages, culture of Assam and culture of folk culture coordination. There are different types of culture are observed from place to place. Different form of folk culture and folk songs can be seen from different parts of Assam.

          The main theme of this research paper is to discuss the folk songs and folk culture of Goalparia. Most aspects of deities, devotions, art of goalpara, ornaments, folk songs etc. Prevalent in undivided Goalpara district have been discussed analytically. The practice of social by exploring all aspects of a nations historical, geographical, ethnic, cultural very essential for todays generation. So efforts were made to analyse everything and study the above subject. The issue is that a small effort has been made to end the folk songs and folk culture of Goalparia. Hopefully this article will able to make some headway to the field of folk songs and folk culture as well as to the future generation.

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