Exploring Sensory and Cultural Experiences of Tourists with Local Gastronomy Case of Amritsar, Punjab, (India)

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Dr. Chef Parminder Singh Dhillon, Dr. Hardaman Singh Bhinder


Eating is a basic need for all but it also differentiates us when it comes to gastronomic tourism. Tourists when exploring local food of a destination, try to experience its sensory elements and explore the gastronomic culture of a region. The food experience of the tourists must be different from their regular daily environment. Research about the sensory elements,  cultural experiences of tourists with local food was carried out in Amritsar (also called as the food capital of Punjab) a region, known for its famous food specialities and Golden Temple, the most visited religious place in the World. The aim of this paper is to explore the sensory and cultural experiences of the tourists who visited famous local food outlets in the city which in turn will help tourism stakeholders to promote Amritsar as a gastronomic destination by marketing its authentic and sumptuous gastronomic delights.

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