“A Study On Financial Performance Of Mahindara Holidays & Resorts India Limited”

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Mr. Nileshkumar Jayantibhai Gambhava, Dr. Swati R. Parab


According to The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), in the year 2019 the Indian travel and tourism industry contributed 6.8 per cent to GDP. The contributionto employment in India was 8 per cent or approximately 40 million jobs. The traveland tourism industry has to work tirelessly with our partners and the TouristDepartment, Government of India to increase tourism so that we can increase ourforeign exchange earnings and create more jobs. In 2019 the number of foreign visitors to India totalled 11 million. Over 2.5 million foreign visitors arrived inIndia on the tourist e-visa scheme, a growth of 24 per cent over the previous year. Foreignvisitors from The United States of America contributed 9 per cent, the United Kingdomcontributed 6 per cent and Canada and Australia contributed 2 per cent each. However, this share of foreign travellers visiting India relative to other Asian countries continuesto disappoints. The Indian travel and tourism industry has to work much harderto attract more foreign visitors to our country.

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