Modeling and Control of pH Process Using Various Optimization Algorithms

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V. Anusha rani , D.Prabhakaran, M.Thirumarimurugan, Bhuvaneshwaran V, Potturi Vishnu Vardhan


pH process is extensively applied in waste water treatment, chemical processes, biotechnological industries and pharmaceuticals. The aim of this study is to maintain a pH value within a specified range and to neutralize the liquid under test by regulating base flow rate until the mixture stabilizes at a set point. The present work regulates the pH of the process using PID controller which requires the usage of optimized optimal parameters. It can be obtained by using classical tuning methods such as Ziegler Nichol’s, Cohen Coon, Tyreus Luyben and also by using optimization methods such GA (Genetic Algorithm), PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) for the PID controller. The classical tuning methods and the optimization methods were compared using IAE (Integral Absolute Error), ISE (Integral Square Error), ITAE (Integral Time Absolute Error) and the results imply that GA outperforms other tuning methods.

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