The Development of Educational Institution Management Strategy Towards Excellence in Quality School at the Local

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Suphi Siphai , Sutum Thummatasananon


The purpose of the research was to develop an educational institution management strategy towards excellence in quality schools at the local. The research consisted of 4 phases as these following: 1) study the elements of the indicators of educational institution management towards the excellence. 2) study the current condition desirable condition and necessary needs. 3) develop a strategy for school management towards excellence in quality schools at the local. 4) implementation. The research tools are assessment forms, questionnaires, and tests. The statistics used were percentage, mean, standard deviation and priority needs index. The results of the research revealed that there were 7 aspects of the composition, 35 indicators. Suitability is at a high level. The current condition is moderate. Desirable conditions were at the highest level. The ordering of the necessary needs; they were personnel, students and stakeholders, measurement, analysis, and knowledge management. Strategic planning organization leadership in the operational process and the outcome. Strategies for school management towards excellence in quality schools at the local consist of; strategies that lead the organization to success, strategic planning development, strategy strategies to encourage student and stakeholder engagement strategies to improve measurement, analysis and knowledge management, strategies for enhancing the quality of personnel, operational process strengthening strategies and strategies focused on concrete results. As a result of the strategy implementation, found that the behavioral assessment results after development were higher than before the development level at the most. Satisfaction level assessment results at the highest level.


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