Study of Anodic Dimerization of Anthracene in Nonaqueous Solvent

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Varsha Srivastava


An efficient and ecocentric electrodic catalyzed dimerization of anthracene is reported here. The electrooxidative  dimerization  of  anthracene  was  carried  out  in  an  undivided  cell.  During controlled potential electrolysis, anthracenium radical cation generated by the electrochemical oxidation of anthracene, the radical cation intermediate are rapidly dimerized itself by loss of one another electron and a proton to give related dimer via an electrochemical mechanism pathway. This transformation was achieved by the transfer of electrons between the polynuclear aromatic and electrodes in the presence of non-aqueous solvent and a supporting electrolyte. At constant potential, the mechanism and role of solvents were discussed. This electrocatalyzed dimerization of anthracene was achieved at room temperature and without the use of hazardous reagent. It is simple, atom economic and ecofriendly technique hence it is a part of green chemistry.

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