Customers satisfaction over the services of health diagnostic centers: A study on the select organizations of Guwahati city

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Aditya Jain


Patient satisfaction is one of the major criteria that needs to be fulfilled to determine the success of a healthcare facility. The study focuses on the factors which influence customers preference towards services of any health diagnostic center and the paper analyses the preferences expressed by the service users towards a diagnostic center. The study covers the overall services which are being provided by the health service providers relating to home report delivery services, home sample collection facility, sending the samples to metro cities for better analysis of certain diseases, better sanitation and clean drinking water facility, disposal of bio-medical waste, master health checkup plans. The researcher found that if the healthcare centers make use of advanced and new equipment and have good and experienced laboratory staff for conducting the pathological tests than the quality of the service they provide will also be of high standard and up to the customers level of satisfaction.

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