Pragmatic Miscommunication of Common Handy Signs in Iraqi Body Language

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Ahmed Subhi Abdullah, Adnan Faihan Mahmood


Handy signs are very important in body language , so common and mostly used in every day interaction consciously or un consciously. The study is concerned with analyzing some of  the Iraqi handy signs that could have different meanings, depending on various contexts. Since, there are different meanings, pragmatic miscommunication is likely to happen when interlocutors communicate through using these signs without the help of uttered words. The research aims at giving a review of the importance of this topic, as well as, describing and analyzing the intended meaning of each sign in each special context. The chosen signs will be pictured by taking photos which represent the eight chosen Iraqi handy signs, that are acted by an Iraqi volunteer. After clarifying and analyzing these signs, the conclusions will be helpful to find out how to communicate clearly by using these handy signs.

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