The Position of WINE in the Preference List of Consumers of Alcoholic Beverages Globally – the Why and Why-not

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Prof. M. Prabu, Mr. A.V. Sekhar, K. Sathish, A. KoteswaraRao, Mr. A. SaravanaKumar


The paper is a reflection of observations made  from the study done to know the intricacies of different alcoholic drinks with a focus on “Wine” for positioning it in the preference list of consumers of Alcoholic Beverages - globally, going by the choices of people in different geographical, climatic and the cultural locations.  For some, Wine is the most liked drink and for some it is alright to have, but then the “Why and Why not” of individual preferences or otherwise, is a matter of personal choice.  The paper throws light on those observations made about Wine.  The positioning of Wine in the consumer’s preference list of Alcoholic beverages would naturally be one that it deserves.  The paper also provides a glimpse of what ‘Wine’ is doing in the market in general to work and gain its due share among those competing with one another, enthusing the lovers of Alcoholic beverages.

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