Predicting ADME and Molecular Docking Analysis of Murraya paniculata Chemical Constituents against Antidiabetic Molecular Targets

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Sagar I. Shinde, Santosh R. Kshirsagar, Sandip P. Gondake, Valmik S. Kapase


The goal of this study is to carry out potential binding affinities of Murraya paniculata phytochemicals. The computer-based drug design methodology has led to the effective disclosure of diabetic agents. In the field of computer-based drug design, molecular docking and ADMET analysis continue to provide an exceptional guarantee. A wide range of docking score to select a potent drug compound identified by molecular docking and ADMET review. Overall results indicate that in antidiabetic studies, all phytochemicals are promising compounds leading to the production of selective insulin receptor inhibition.

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