Prudence of Simultaneous Elections in India

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Dr.Triranjan Raj


Democracy is based on the premise of political accountability and this concept of political accountability is that political class should be made accountable to the people and it is through the process of election that this accountability is ensured in the system. The very goal of winning elections creates pressure in the mind of political class to deliver and perform because if they fail to deliver what they have promised, then their credibility comes under question and it can eventually hamper their chances of winning elections again. The election process strengthens people believe in democratic principles. Free and fair elections establish a belief in the mind of voters that political class can be made directly accountable to the people. It is through this procedure only their belief in democratic values get emboldened and the real credibility of politicians gets established which will eventually impart true legitimacy to the system. It is through elections only formal accountability can be ensured and through this only political class can either be rewarded or punished.

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