Intercultural Business Communication: Theory and Practice Implications for Language Trainers and Business People

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Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava


Intercultural communication is the study of communication between people of various cultures and social groupings, as well as how culture influences communication. It aids in the description of a wide range of communication processes, as well as the issues that arise organically within an organisation or social environment made up of people from various religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. It enables one to comprehend how individuals from various countries and cultures behave, communicate, and see the world. Intercultural communication became an academic subject in Russian language Bachelor's and Master's degrees around twenty years ago. This issue is new to both language trainers, students, and corporate executives, unlike other disciplines of linguistics, English studies, and British and American literature, which have long been part of the curriculum in foreign language departments. Because intercultural communication is such a vast subject of study, it needs collaboration among specialists in linguistics, psychology, cultural anthropology, and other disciplines. The article discusses how intercultural communication is used across the world to assist people break down cultural barriers and improve their self-awareness and communication abilities.

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